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#MandalaMonday! The life cycle of a leaf via Green Renaissance on Facebook.
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Collab jackets from me and @lynzeelynx are up on Etsy! http://cosmicamerican.etsy.com
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#Rumi is coming to Portland in Oct. 25th! bit.ly/rumiportland
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"Live life as if everything is rigged in your favor." - Rumi

#Rumi is coming to Portland on Oct. 25th: bit.ly/portlandrumi
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Lookit this cutie @florabowley and her new woven version of one of her paintings 👀
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Smaller altered skull flag coming soon to my Etsy. Found it in the trash near the grave of e.e. cummings in Boston.
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Happy #MandalaMonday :: check out these gorgeous veggies from @skyberryfarm in Portland, Oregon!
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Beloveds, we hope you are enjoying this fall day :)
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Free worldwide shipping through  tomorrow night in my @Society6 store :: phone cases :: totes :: prints :: and more! Use this special link: bit.ly/s6octpromo
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Just listed on my Etsy: Coral Magic #dreamcatcher with watercolor feathers and gold web. http://cosmicamerican.etsy.com
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Me in Glencoe,Oklahoma where I used to watch for my mom coming back from judo lessons by looking for the dirt kicked up in the road. I still remember how that hay was poking me in the butt. #tbt
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It was an intense night.  Some people I care about have passed on recently. I went to bed at 2:15am when the moon looked like it was hanging from itself like a necklace. I set out my crystals and set my alarm for 3:45 and woke up to see it rusting in the sky, full eclipse. Tonight we gather, and do what all the wild daughters whose mothers survived the witch burnings were born to do. #bloodmoon #ezsavilt
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The total #lunareclipse “Blood Moon” will be best viewed soon: around 2-4:30am PCT. 

Interested skywatchers should attempt to see the total eclipse of the moon and the rising sun simultaneously. The little-used name for this effect is called a ‘selenelion,’ a phenomenon that celestial geometry says cannot happen.

And indeed, during a lunar eclipse, the sun and moon are exactly 180 degrees apart in the sky. In a perfect alignment like this (called a ‘syzygy’), such an observation would seem impossible. But thanks to Earth’s atmosphere, the images of both the sun and moon are apparently lifted above the horizon by atmospheric refraction. This allows people on Earth to see the sun for several extra minutes before it actually has risen and the moon for several extra minutes after it has actually set. (via Space.com) #bloodmoon
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Registration for mixed media course for art and healing #LifeBook2015 is OPEN! Join me and amazing instructors like @jessicaswift, @alisakburke, @matirose, @willowing, @florabowley, @lynzeelynx, @alenahennessy and many more :: course begins Jan. 1st :: »> register at bit.ly/rricelifebook «<